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Entries from April 2020

The Role of Alcohol in Herbal Tinctures

April 21st, 2020 · Comments

Many people who are new to taking herbal tinctures become concerned when the alcohol percentage reads over 40%. Why is the alcohol so high and is that safe? In this episode, Kris Vaughan explains the role of alcohol in herbal extracts (tinctures) and gives some comparison to common foods and beverages for context. Kris also discusses the plant compounds we extract from herbs and their solubility in water, alcohol, and glycerin. This episode offers basic information  and some chemistry to consider when making your own herbal tinctures or choosing to use them for your own health and well being.



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Lessons from the Plants with Herbalist John Slattery

April 8th, 2020 · Comments

John Slattery joins Kris Vaughan on this episode to discuss lessons from the plants during this current time of changing reality due to pandemic concerns. John shares his message from ocotillo and how we each can begin to release fear and assumptions surrounding the current state of affairs. John Slattery is a Southwest herbalist from Tucson, Arizona, an herbal educator, forager, and author.

Learn more about John Slattery: www.johnjslattery.com

Learn more about Herbal Wisdom Institute: www.herbalwisdominstitute.com


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Become Your Own Medicine Woman with Audrey Barron

April 6th, 2020 · Comments

In this episode, Kris Vaughan interviews Audrey Barron of Gaia Chef about developing connection to our food and medicine and becoming your own medicine woman (or man). Audrey discusses her journey onto the plant path and how we each have an opportunity to empower ourselves by learning to grow our own food and medicine. Audrey and Kris discuss the current pandemic and how it is changing our needs and leading to an awareness of the need for self-reliance.

Audrey is the owner of Gaia Chef and Ezra's Enlightened Cafe, a vegan gluten-free cafe in Indianapolis. Audrey and her family also own a 6 acre farm that supplies much of the produce for their cafe. Audrey teaches others how to grow their food in all types of home spaces, and how to make herbal medicines, through her Medicine Woman membership.

Learn more about Audrey and connect on her social channels:



Facebook: @gaiachef

Instagram: @gaiachef

YouTube Channel: Gaia Chef

Learn about Herbal Wisdom Institute: www.herbalwisdominstitute.com


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